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That new project you won. It’s doomed...


Because you’re going to do it the same way you did the last three projects that didn’t deliver expected profits.

I’ll bet that the early weeks of those troubled projects didn’t go to plan. Did you even have a plan - a daily, detailed plan - for the first 12 weeks after award?

The first 12 weeks of any project are KEY to its FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

Why? Because your project programme is tight - barely achievable - so you can’t afford to lose a week, a month, even a day during the first few weeks. The project completion date won’t change, and you won't recover the lost time.

Every day wasted at the start of a project means a day’s delay, a day’s overrun - or a costly acceleration - at the end of that project.

If you don't change things, nothing will change

...except maybe the person sitting at your desk.

Let me guess how things started on those troubled projects. Four weeks after celebrating the project’s award there was:

✖ No full-time Project Manager

✖ An incomplete Project Team

✖ No detailed Design Plan

✖ No detailed Budget

✖ No detailed Procurement Plan

✖ Un-coordinated Drawings

✖ Open queries on the Specification

✖ Unanswered RFIs

✖ No detailed Contract Review

✖ No Action Plan to avoid Business-destroying Risks

In essence, nothing of value was done in those first 4 weeks. You just lost a month’s progress...

Worse still, your Project Team had no plan to avoid or minimise these business-destroying risks. In fact, your team probably hadn’t identified them as significant risks.

For sure, everyone was working hard and (I hate this phrase) “doing their best” but they were simply reacting to problems as they arose, instead of identifying future challenges - weeks or month in advance - and making plans, taking action to avoid or minimise time and financial impacts.

So, what’s the solution?

How does a project get a flying start and maximise its chance of delivering the expected profit margin?

✔ Appoint a full-time Project Manager from Day 1 (yes, I know this isn’t easy, but it’s crucial for the success of your project)

✔ Build your Project Team quickly, as a priority

✔ Agree a short timetable with the Leaders responsible for delivering the detailed Design Plans, Budgets and Procurement Plans

✔ Notify the Client regarding unavailability of properly coordinated drawings and potential time and cost consequences; request clarification of their formal status

✔ Notify the Client regarding any unclear specifications and potential time and cost consequences; firmly request urgent clarifications

✔ Notify the Client regarding unanswered RFIs and potential time and cost consequences; firmly request urgent responses

✔ Arrange a detailed Contract Review - that’s the easy bit ☺

✔ Schedule an independent Risk Review and Action Plan, with workshops to identify and avoid or minimise potentially business-destroying risks

I know you know. Taking these actions will significantly improve your project outcomes. They’ll deliver improved profits and a solid relationship with your Client, who’ll see that you are ‘on the ball’ and pushing hard from Day 1 to deliver her project.

I get it, because in my years delivering numerous complex projects concurrently, I’ve been there. I’ve been General Manager for an international construction company, and Head of Projects for a leading international building facades company, with up to 17 projects live at any one time.

Now I'm independent, I specialise in helping contractors and specialist sub-contractors to identify and understand major, unusual and off-market risks in potential new projects. I then provide critical support during the first 12 weeks of a project, ensuring that attention is given - and action taken - to identify and neutralise the business-destroying risks inherent in every project today, avoiding or minimising impacts.

I'll support a tender or project as an integrated team member and an experienced mentor, ensuring that:

✪ Leaders are tasked with delivering critical Design and Procurement Plans

✪ Budgets are created as a priority, driving efficient procurement

✪ There’s a detailed and deliverable programme

✪ Options for time and cost savings are identified in good time

✪ JV or supply chain interfaces are fully understood, agreed and documented

✪ JV or supply chain risks are identified, agreed and formally allocated

✪ Notices are issued regarding unclear or uncoordinated drawings and/or specifications, advising time and cost consequences

✪ A detailed Contract Review is performed, identifying project-specific, unusual and/or off-market risks

✪ Other project risks are identified through facilitated workshops

✪ Action Plans are prepared, implemented and monitored to avoid or minimise all of the above risks

Act now!

Every day counts during a short tender period, or at the start of a new project. A day wasted, a day lost, cannot be replaced. And you should be planning the future growth and success of your business, not having to explain missed deadlines to your Client and missed targets to your Board.

Engage the services of someone who has the experience, practical knowledge and diligence to support your tender or project team - a respected professional who can deliver construction contract reviews and accelerate and drive the crucial early tasks required for a successful project.

Let’s chat...

If any of the above resonates with you, and you’re keen to know how I can improve the outcome of your current or next project, let’s jump on a quick call.

You can schedule this below - at a time and date to suit you - with absolutely no cost or obligation. Looking forward to it!

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