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Get with the Programme!

Most people working in the construction industry have experienced projects that went well and projects that didn’t. Think back to those successful projects. I bet they all had great planning from start to finish - from tender stage and then throughout the design and delivery process.

I’m comfortable with that bet because if a project doesn’t have a deliverable tender plan, and that bid still somehow succeeds, completion on time will be a huge challenge from Day 1. If there isn’t a competent Planner dedicated to understanding the detailed requirements of that project and its off-site activities including design, procurement, off-site production and supply chain limitations - and then managing hundreds of changes - the chance of completing on time is slim, probably zero.

Too often, poorly planned projects suffer panic spending in their last few months in a last-ditch endeavour to finish on time. It's sometimes called 'acceleration' which sounds more positive, until the Contractor works out how much money he has spent working 24/7 and puts in a claim for additional payment. Which isn't paid. And the project still doesn’t finish on time...

Can this be avoided? Certainly. First, the Project Manger needs to believe in - and commit to - competent planning being a fundamental component of successful project delivery. Sounds odd? Sadly, I’ve experienced too many PMs who have become reactive managers, flying by the seat of their pants most of the time. Disinterested in plans prepared by someone else, but lacking the ability to prepare proper, detailed project plans themselves and the commitment to regularly update them.

Second, the project needs an experienced, dedicated and competent Planner. Preferably starting from tender stage but at least getting involved in the early stages of project design and construction. An effective communicator so that decision-makers are kept aware of issues that may affect the project’s outcome. Ideally a Planner with an open, honest, common sense and no-nonsense approach, unafraid of detail but also capable of holistic and strategic overview.

I’m therefore delighted to announce that Roger Herod, a senior consultant to MTR Corporation until recently, has agreed to join forces with rhConsult Limited and offer his working lifetime of infrastructure and construction planning experience to your projects.

image courtesy of Wikipedia / Someformofhuman

Roger has 40+ years of experience planning and programming for major projects and mega-projects. He also prepares complex construction method statements and programme narratives.

Roger has worked on global landmark construction projects including the Sands Macau Casino, the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore, the SuperTerminal at Chek Lap Kok Airport, the Royal Hospital project in Muscat and the Cheung Kong Center in Central, Hong Kong. MTR projects include the Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL), Shatin Central Link (SCL), Macau Light Rail and Sydney's Metro.

rhConsult can therefore now offer for your projects:

  • Strategic Planning, from Feasibility Design Stage

  • Detailed Tender Programmes

  • Construction Method Statements

  • Programme Narratives

  • Key Resource Requirements

  • Project Programmes for Approval by Architect / Engineer

  • Summary Programmes for Senior Management

  • Detailed Design and Procurement Sub-programmes

  • Programmes in Tabular or Histogram Formats, Primavera P6 if required

  • Peer Reviews of Programmes and Programme Audit Services

Given Roger’s huge experience, the above services can be offered for any infrastructure or construction project, including:

  • Civil Engineering projects including Deep Excavation and Dewatering, Earthmoving, Tunnel and Cavern works, Site Formation

  • Viaduct and Bridge construction

  • Airport Construction

  • Basement Construction

  • Roads and Highways

  • Foundation engineering and construction

  • Structural engineering including heavy Underground RC Structures

  • RC and Steel-framed High-Rise Commercial and Residential Buildings

  • Complex Steel Structures

  • Facade Engineering - high performance Cladding and Curtain Walling systems

  • High performance Roofing systems

  • Building Services Engineering including complex Underground Systems

  • All forms of Building including Health Care, Education, Hotels, Entertainment, Shopping Malls, Industrial Facilities

  • Distribution and Cargo Centres, Materials Handling Facilities

  • Power Generation, Oil, Gas and Process Facilities

  • Railway Engineering including Track Laying

  • and pretty much anything else – try us…

We look forward to joining your team for your next successful bid or project - on a full time, part time, or 'as needed' basis - we’re happy to be flexible to meet your needs or budget.

If you’re a Contractor, Subcontractor, Employer or Project Manager and have a question about planning or programming - or any other service offered by rhConsult Limited - click here to arrange a chat or a no-cost initial consultation at a time and place to suit you...

...or call Rob Hill on +852 5721 0122

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